Our First Week of School!

The first days of kindergarten are a whirlwind! Learning names, learning rules, setting routines… it goes by in a flash. Our week started with a meet and greet on Monday and our first real school day on Wednesday. But I have to say our first few days together have been wonderful. No crying, no running, no lost children. A teacher’s dream!

One of my favorite things from the first day of school is taking a photo of each child that ends up in their memory book at the end of the year. This year I found a super cute background on TPT  that I put together to use.

Here are some of the things we’ve done in our first three days of school. We read The Kissing Hand and talked about our feelings on the first day of school.


Our first day portraits and name writing on display. We’ll be adding a few more to this board as we continue to get new students enrolled.



We counted the letters in our names and graphed them. It is always fun to see which names are the shortest, the longest, and which number has the most!


We learned how to treat the books in our classroom library and what our reading buddies should be doing while we look at books. Our big books have been a hit!



Exploring some of our building manipulatives has been a favorite time each day. So much fun seeing what everyone can build and how great our class already is at sharing and cleaning up.



Our class did such a great job following rules and getting settled in to some of our classroom routines that I was able to already introduce our first flexible seating option: working on the carpet with a clipboard.


I’m looking forward to introducing our scoop rockers, wobble stools, and exercise balls in the coming weeks. We’ll be working on getting in to our normal daily routine this coming week and starting all of our big kindergarten learning. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very exciting year!



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