Class Information

Morning drop off

Starting the second week of school, parents will not be allowed on school campus in the morning unless they have signed in at the office. Students will enter campus via the front gate, then either stay on the kindergarten playground or go to the cafeteria for breakfast.


Bus – Pick-up

Bus passes are required to ride the bus. Students must have their pass every single day that they ride the bus. Passes can be attached to backpacks or worn on a lanyard. If your child rides the bus, but is going to be picked up on a certain day, I need a note or phone call for each day. If a student is listed as riding the bus and I do not have a note/call saying otherwise, I will put them on the bus. Please also inform me if someone new is picking your student up from school.


Folders – Homework

It is very important that folders come back to school every day. They will hold your student’s daily behavior chart, homework, and notes. If there is a week where I do not send homework, you can use the information sheets inside the folder to practice skills at home. Homework will usually go home on Friday and should be turned in by the next Friday.



Students may bring their folder, lunch box, and other items in any kind of backpack or tote bag. Please make sure your student’s bag is big enough for their folder.



There may be children in our classroom, and amongst the other kindergarten students, who have severe allergies. Any snacks or treats that are sent in should be free from nuts of any kind. Please remind your student not to share personal food with others. If your child does have severe allergies or a special diet, I would suggest they bring their own snack and lunch on a daily basis.



We will have monthly birthday celebrations. This is the only day that treats/parties are allowed. We will recognize everyone’s individual birthday on their day, but cannot have cupcakes or anything else come in except for on the designated Thursday each month.



We will have a snack time in the morning. I will hand out snack to everyone in class. We can always use donations. Great snack items are goldfish, pretzels, crackers, fruit snacks, or similar items. Your student may also bring their own personal snack from home if they prefer.


Label Everything!

Please make sure your student’s name is in all jackets, and on lunchboxes or backpacks if possible. There are often similar looking items in class or on the playground. When it starts to get colder, we have a ton of jackets that get left behind on a daily basis. Students often forget what they wore that day when we’re asking who a jacket belongs to. Having names inside is very helpful!



In order to volunteer in the classroom or go on field trips, you must be approved by the district office. You can pick up paperwork in the school office. I would love help from home as well. I can send you cutting/coloring/sorting projects to work on and return. Please fill out the Volunteer form if you are interested. If you have already applied, let me know when you are district approved so we can get you in to volunteer!