Flexible Seating

We love having choices for seats when we work. While I still assign students a specific table spot to start the day and return to whenever it’s time to start working, they have many options for seats at that spot, and have options to move around the room.

While we have many options being used now, they were introduced one at a time when I felt our class was ready. We always go over the rules for any new seating options before they are made available.

I was able to get my first wobble stools last year through a Donors Choose project. I liked them so much that I purchased a few more so that I could have matching colors. Over this past summer I worked on collecting balance balls and scoop chairs to add to our options. The four balance balls I had were such a hit that I recently added 5 more.

Every morning when students come in they can choose their seat from the options on top of the table. There are wobble chairs, balance balls, and regular chairs for each table. Everyone may not get their first choice each day, but no one complains. They have so many opportunities to move around during the day or borrow chairs during different activities that everyone gets to sit on every option eventually.

In addition to those choices at their assigned spots, students can move to other areas of the room to complete work. Students have the option to work on the floor with a clipboard, work in a scoop chair on the floor, sit at the small stools at the art table, or sit in big chairs at the taller teacher tables.

So many choices! This system is working for us this year and I couldn’t be happier! As long as students are getting their work done and following the rules we’ve set forth for the various seating choices, I am happy to let them move around and sit where they want.

In addition to giving students choice and variety, many of the flexible seating options also promote the development of core strength and balance.

Our Flexible Seating Options:

  • regular chair (forward or backward) at table
  • wobble chair at table
  • balance ball at table
  • laying on floor
  • sitting on floor
  • scoop chair on floor
  • small stool at short table
  • big chair at taller table
  • standing at taller table


🙂 Ms. Collins

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