Partner Work, Centers, and STEM Bins. Oh My!

It’s been a busy two weeks of learning new activities, routines, and games. We are having fun! As mart of our math routines, we’ve been working in partners to do a quick activity or game before we start the math lesson. So far we have practiced sorting objects and shapes, putting numbers in order, and playing a missing number game.

This week we moved from all play centers to adding our “work” centers. We have 6 centers each week and I make 3 of them more academic based while the other 3 are still play. All of the work groups also have something to build/play with once they finish the work required. This week our work centers were finding/hole punching letters, counting objects and writing numbers, and matching and coloring sight words. Our class did a great job at all of our centers this week!

Another new activity this week was the introduction of our STEM Bins. These are available for students to use once they have finished their work during the day before our timer goes off to signal we are moving on to the next lesson. The bins contain various building materials that students can use to create their own structures or something from our idea board. Originally the bins were intended to be used by just one student at a time, but our class has been great at sharing all of the materials so everyone can join and build as they finish their work. It is so fun to see how creative the students are using the different materials.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a look at what we’ve been working on! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

🙂 Ms. Collins



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